MSP, Investor & Vendor Interview Series

MSP Exit interview Tekkers

MSP Exit Interview – Pete Matheson (Tekkers IT)

What was your MSP and when did you start it?   Tekkers IT Solutions, in 2011. Started as I was working too much and getting paid too little. I felt the local SMBs were being underserved. £1.2m Revenue. 16 Staff. Covering Hampshire & West Sussex. Core services – MSP / IT Support + BCDR /

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MSP business exit interview M&A

MSP Exit Interview – Daniel Welling (amicitia)

What was your MSP Business and when did you start it? I co-founded amicitia in 2002, with a former customer who had become a friend and neighbour; he was tech and I was sales. Previously I had worked in IT solution sales roles and like many MSP-founders felt we could do better running a business!

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msp blog sprout IT

MSP Exit Interview – Matt Torrens (Sprout IT)

What was your MSP Business and when did you start it? I ran SproutIT for a little over a decade before exiting in November 2020.  Earlier in my career, I had worked in a vast blue chip (Microsoft’s largest global customer at the time) and hated the fact that I was ‘just a number’.  I

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MSP Vendor Interview –

Who are you and what is your job?  I am the Co-founder and CEO of is a unified PSA-RMM platform for modern MSPs. Our goal is to make the lives and work of MSPs simpler, predictable and better, and support their growth with our intuitive and easy-to-use unified platform.  What is your business

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MSP M&A Richard Tubb interview

MSP Exit Interview – Richard Tubb (Tubblog)

What was your MSP and when did you start it? With a background in corporate IT, I moved into running my own IT Support business in 2001. I was your typical one-man-band IT guy, crawling under desks and plugging in cables. Then, in 2004 I read about something called Managed Services. I realised I wanted

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MSP M&A corp interview

MSP Investor Interview – David Papp (MSP Corp)

Who are you and what is your job? Chief Technology Officer – Involved in a variety of activities as part of the head office team for MSP Corp helping oversee the operations & technical aspects of all our subsidiaries throughout Canada, involved in M&A due diligence activities, integration & merger projects, marketing & branding, and

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MSP M&A investor interview fordhouse

MSP Investor Interview – Nicholas Ashford ( Fordhouse)

Who are you and what is your job? Nicholas Ashford, Partner Fordhouse – I work with MSP owners who are thinking of exiting their business within the next 5 years. What is your business and what do you do within the MSP space?   We acquire MSPs and I help educate MSP owners about the

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