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Add value to your MSP through your Tech-Stack

When assessing your business, a key area that forms the foundation of a solid MSP is it’s ‘Tech Stack’.

With so much technology out there and a huge array of vendors it can be common for MSP’s to have messy, overcomplicated tech stacks that is made up of technology that does not function succinctly together.

When an acquirer is reviewing an MSP as a potential target, a strong Tech Stack can support the valuation and interest of parties.

Key factors to ensure you have covered for your tech stack:

  • Legacy Technology / Apps – Any tech that is legacy, out of date or not used – Get rid!

  • Documentation – Ensure your documentation, support processes and contacts for vendors are well documented and circulated

  • Partnership Agreements – Ensure you have strong partnership agreements / contracts in place for key vendors

  • SLA / Support Agreements – Ensure you have SLA support responses in place with your critical supply chain

  • Road Map – Always be evolving your tech stack to be bringing more functionality and value to your customers

  • Training & Accreditations – Ensure your MSP has the adequate training and accreditations in place for key tech and vendors

MSP’s can vary on service offering, location, and specialism so all Tech stacks will differ from one MSP to the next, however the below are core fundamental areas of a strong MSP that you need to ensure you have a strong technology and vendor relationship for:

  • PSA (Helpdesk / Management)
  • Remote Access / engineer tools
  • RMM – Remote Management & Monitoring
  • AV – Antivirus
  • Encryption
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Environment
  • MSSP / Cyber Services
  • Security Layer – Firewalls / 2FA / Email Protection etc..

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